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TruSevenSports Founder - Troy Truvillion TruSevenSports, Health and Fitness, dotFIT

After retiring from professional basketball putting 11 years in the European and Australian leagues, this two-time All-American returned home to Phoenix with one thing on his mind; using the strong relationships and resources he developed to serve other people.

Being from the Eastside of Detroit, basketball was a gift that opened the doors to Troy Truvillion's humanitarian endeavors. He is the first to tell you that basketball provided him an education and took him around the world, but he will also be the first to tell you, "I played basketball for a living but basketball is not who I am."

Truvillion founded the Phoenix based company Truseven sports to help combat some of the issues and challenges people face on a daily basis. With a strong belief in fitness, health and wellness, Troy researched dozens of diet and fitness plans before deciding to team with the dotFIT fitness, nutrition and supplement experts. Through dotFIT Truvillion is able to counsel young and old on the importance of proper exercise and diet.

Through his established relationships Truvillion makes things happen; from getting ping pong tables to an afterschool program to helping a young photographer get the opportunity to photograph Muhammad Ali. As a successful businessman he regularly contributes financial support to national causes like the Susan G. Komen foundation and the Harold Pump Foundation.